Welcome to my review site for

Ultracraft Cabinets

This page will detail not only my awful experience with Ultracraft Cabinets, but also review one of their resellers, Cabinets Direct.

Let me begin by saying…

…while this was my first time, albeit regrettable, purchasing the Ultracraft line, this was my third time purchasing from Cabinets Direct. Sadly, it will be my last for both.

Our Cabinets Direct (Paramus, NJ) salesman, Henry, touted the quality of the Ultracraft cabinets from day one. I’ve now come to realize, it was more about the markup than quality. These cabinets ARE NOT plywood construction, they are cheap particle bard. Do NOT be fooled. Henry also screwed up our design, several times, but that’s a story for another day.

This site will detail, in great depth, my experience with the company, beginning with the original contract, to the extended delivered time, to the horribly packaged and shipped cabinets, to the terrible customer service, to the complete disregard of decency, poor craftsmanship and nonexistent quality control.

I will soon be post my original invoice, about $11,000 for seven base cabinets and photos of poorly packaged cabinets for shipping. I will also post the arrival of damaged cabinets along with email exchanges. And that was only the beginning.

I’ll next show the warped cabinets, misaligned doors/hinges and evidence that you CANNOT get these cabinets wet, at all! That’s right, even though Ultracraft makes Kitchen Cabinets, if they are even briefly exposed to water, the crappy particle board construction will immediately warp. Next, I’ll post their contract, which states you pay for everything up front, then you wait, and wait and wait. They claim you have a 1 year warranty, but sadly, you can not get them to come out to inspect.

Be warned.

Sadly, if I had only went on their own company website and read through the reviews, I probably would have been scared off. That was completely my fault. It wont happen again and this page will exist to hope it doesn’t happen to you.

You have been warned. Stay tuned….